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Bank of India online net banking login - BOI is a 4th largest Government owned bank providing service from established year 1906. The main purpose is to fulfil banking, investment and financial needs for those citizens who live in Country India.This India`s 4th largest bank was nationalised in 1969 and is generalised state owned mercantile bank which consumed head branch in Mumbai City, India. It has more than 4100 branches across the country, 29 branches outside India. International 29 branches are located in London, New York, San Francisco, Birmingham, Leicester, Beijing, Tokyo Manchester and more. By initial monetary capital worth Rs. 50 Lakh and over 39,202 employees, bank has continuously made a wide growth today among all banking sectors.BOI Net Banking Steps1. To use facility, open official site and select Net Banking option, located on center of the page below online services label.2. Now select Star Connect Retail. Make sure URL start with .3. Enter user id, password and press login button. Use virtual keyboard to access account in secure way (Optional).4. For any other login related helps, leave comment of contact Bank of India customer care.Bank of India provides all of major services such as current, depository, Demat account, fund management, Forex trading, mutual fund, personal and corporate insurance, debit and credit cards. Loan segment provides social and business level loans of home, mortgage, gold, student education, property and etc. Bank of India offers to its all Diamond SB clients a personal air accident insurance. This requires all Diamond SB clients to manage quarterly account balance with worth limit of Rs. 1.00 Lakh.Insurance providing services categories are Life, domestic travel, health care, assurance scheme, and etc. All details and up-to-date updates about all above schemes are available on online website Apart from Indian customer, BOI offers its NRI customers depository schemes of FCNR accounts, and NRE accounts. Similarly other same sectors, bank provides online banking facility and mobile banking provision.With BOI online banking, customers can transfer money to any inter bank account, pay bills including any personal utility, credit card, insurance payment. Users can make booking of air or railway travel tickets, trading in stock markets, pay government tax, and e-filing. A lavish fund transfer fragment, aka Star e-Remit, allows customers in foreign countries to transfer funds to India. Maximum limit to send money is up to USD 30,000 per month.Using Star Connect mobile banking, bankers can avail alerts of upcoming event of bill or insurance payments, view mini statement, third party fund transfer, get alerts on transactions made in their account, and search for nearest branch. Bank of India delivers all customers and non customer people a provision to buy gold via branches for investment and personal purpose and delivers 24 Carat gold. Gold coins are available with market price daily with availability of 4 to 50 gm weight. The most popular pages on site are interest rate, recruitments career, network, contact us, customer corner, loans, mobile banking and payments, star connect retail, cards, direct tax, central excise, and service tax.